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Performance Protein

1kg £15.00, 2kg £27.00

Performance Complete All in One

1kg £20.00, 2kg £30.00

Performance Mass

1kg £12.00, 2kg £20.00

Performance Diet Whey

1kg £20.00, 2kg £30.00

Protein Flapjacks


Warrior Rush


Do you Dare?

Zero Fat - Just 39 Calories - Insane Energy Boost

Warrior RUSH is a hyper-strength energy shot, unlike ANY energy drink that has come and gone before. Warrior RUSH is not designed for the "average" energy drink user, not designed to fit in with the world around it.... But to stand out, be exceptional, and power YOU through the day with HOURS of energy to spare! RUSH is a rip-roaring rush and rapid energy and drive, getting to work as soon as it hits your lips! No mixing, no shaking, just BOOM ....crack open a shot, slam it, and your READY!

Warrior Kreatine


Warrior Blaze


Warrior Rage




Protein Flapjack

Ideal for those who have a busy life style.

  • Useful to add extra calories to build muscle.
  • Great tasting bar that is high in protein.

Pro 50 bars

50 grams of protein, low in carbs. Chocolate, Strawberry, Peanut, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Cheesecake flavours. You know they taste good.


The Peak Body shaker bottles are fantastic for preparing all of our great tasting supplements. Our on the road or in the office, this shaker bottle is perfect for all your nutritional mixes.

Body Burn

Potent fat burning formula

Shake`n`take Protein individual shakes

Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla flavours.
48 gms of Protein

Kaffein Kick

High impact energy drink - Lemon & Lime & Orange flavours

Peak Creatine

  • 100% Pharmaceutical grade creatine.
  • 1,000gm & 500gm

Peak Mass

High Protein Mass Gainer - high calorie blend of pure whey protein & complex (peak mass) carbohydrates.

Protein Mania

Possibly the highest formula protein drink in the world, with 94.5% protein! Strawberry and Chocolate